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ABOUT TBN - OUR MISSION AND GOALS The TBN Family of Networks Has a Dedicated Network for Every Member of Your Family

For over forty-three years the mission of the Trinity Broadcasting Networks has remained unchanged: To use every available means to reach as many individuals and families as possible with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Launched in 1973 by Christian television pioneers Paul and Jan Crouch, TBN began as one low-power television station broadcasting a few hours of Christian programming each day to viewers throughout the Los Angeles area. In the years since, TBN has grown into a family of over thirty twenty-four-hour global networks reaching every inhabited continent with entertaining, inspirational, and life-changing programming for every family member and demographic.


TBN's global lineup is anchored by six powerful networks:


TBN Flagship, the world's most popular and requested faith-and-family channel.


JUCE TV, broadcasting contemporary music and worship, extreme sports, relevant talk, and more for teens and young adults.


SMILE, TBN's exclusive kids Christian network, featuring programming that entertains and teaches biblical values to children ages two to twelve.


Hillsong Channel, broadcasting the best in cutting edge-worship, Hillsong's international conferences and concerts, along with teaching and ministry from the world's most influential pastors and Christian leaders.


Enlace, America's premier Spanish-language Christian network.


TBN Salsa, reaching next-generation Latinos with inspirational and culturally relevant programming in English.


TBN also features more than twenty additional global Christian networks reaching every inhabited continent, including TBN in Africa; TBN Asia; TBN UK; TBN España; the Kingdom Sat Arabic network; TBN Nejat Television, reaching Farsi-language viewers in Iran and the Middle East; Bibel TV in German; JCTV Pakistan; the Kanal Hayat Turkish network; Alfa TV, reaching Finland and northern Europe; and many more.


In addition, TBN is available online around the world via our TBN global website, and on smart phones, iPads, and other mobile devices through TBN's exclusive online app. And TBN's exclusive online archive gives viewers unlimited access to over 42,000 TBN programs anytime and anywhere throughout the world!


Through every available technology TBN is reaching every corner of the earth — and over one billion potential viewers — with round-the-clock programming that changes lives through the power of God's message of hope and grace.



On June 1st 2016, TBN launched it's newest network, the Hillsong Channel providing viewers with more exciting content. Learn more about the Hillsong Channel here: www.hillsong.com/channel. In addition, you can watch over 35,000 programs ON DEMAND that can be accessed from our vast library and can be viewed on your computer, smart phone, and other mobile devices.



The world’s largest religious network and—according to Nielsen Ratings—“America’s most-watched faith channel,” TBN offers commercial-free inspirational programming 24/7. Its waves cover the globe via 78 satellites, allowing TBN to reach more than 100 million households in the US alone.


Founded in 1973 by Paul and Jan Crouch, TBN began as a dream to “build a Christian television network that spans the whole world.” Today that dream is reality…and still expanding! Our programming is broadcast in not only America, but also Europe and the Middle East, Russia, Central Africa, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Brazil, and more. Some countries even have original programming in addition to translated shows, reaching people in their own language.


TBN features teaching from some of the world’s most dynamic ministers, the Praise variety program with faith-based interviews and special guests, wholesome movies, news with a Christian worldview, and much, much more. 

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