Testimonials | TBN
Thank you for being just a phone call away to agree in prayer. The TBN prayer line is a wonderful gift to the body of Christ. Diana // June 16 2020
I have been really down due to a Covid-19 job loss and financial issues. Then I tuned into Praise and got to see Ben Courson who gave me so much hope amidst the storm I am facing. I am expectant that God will see me through this mess. Pabi' // June 2 2020
Over the years TBN has always been there for me. Thank you for the many times I have called and someone answered and took the time to pray for me or to be in agreement with my prayers for healing, jobs, finances, family and business. Danielle // June 1 2020
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I do say through this entire Pandemic you all have put on some very beautiful worship and words of encouragement. Touching, moving, uplifting, inspiring, and comforting. I've played each over and over. Thank you, TBN. Sherine // May 30 2020
I asked for prayer about our mortgage and was turned down by our bank. But Our God came through with another bank. Thank you for praying! Winsome // May 11 2020
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to watch Sight and Sound's JESUS program. It was wonderful and so uplifting! As a senior sheltering at home most of the time, watching the play was great! Margaret // May 6 2020
I shared a prayer request for a mass in my right kidney. On March 25th my entire kidney was removed. It was cancer but just in the one kidney. The Dr. said I am cured and no radiation or chemotherapy is needed. PTL! Thank you for your prayers, TBN! Lynn // May 4 2020
I have prayed for my husband's salvation for 46 years, and the day after Easter Sunday, he received Christ while praying with Pat Robertson! God is so faithful. I am so thankful for TBN! Eleanor // May 1 2020
As secular TV bombards us with fear and uncertainty about COVID-19, your beautiful program, Easter Sunday brought me comfort and calmed my soul. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you! Sandra // April 13 2020
Thank you for being here during this pandemic and these trying times. I feel safe watching TBN. Please keep feeding us truth and comfort. We are so hungry for what’s being served. God Bless. Mike // April 10 2020
Since receiving the Truth from TBN and Joseph Prince's teaching on the significance of Holy Communion, I am on my way to divine health with my doctor adjusting and removing my medications. Glory to God! Elizabeth // April 3 2020
In early 2019 I asked for prayer for an upcoming surgery to remove a large growth inside my head. I was nervous about having my head cut open, but Praise God, the growth was successfully removed and I remain well. Thank you, TBN! Jacqueline // March 9 2020
My husband of 61 years died in 2017 and God gave me a new husband in 2018. Crash course with lots of prayer & Godly wisdom. My insecurity issues are being healed. TBN Prayer Partners prayed with me and God gets all the Glory. Thank you! Sandra // March 3 2020
I called the TBN Prayer line about a month ago and as a result, had a complete resolution of all my problems. Truly the sign of an apostle, your prayer partner. Glen // March 3 2020
As an inmate in Soledad CA, whenever I find myself struggling internally, I can turn on TBN and receive a comforting Holy-Spirit Word that will help me get through. Thank you for spreading God’s Word into this dark & dreary place. Kevin // February 4 2020
I am an inmate in AZ and I have been watching TBN for almost 2 years. We have access to 20 different stations, but I only need one, TBN. Every pastor, every show has helped me turn my life over to Christ. I thank God every day for your network. Michael // January 6 2020
TBN has been especially helpful to me these past months since my husband passed away on Nov. 5th. It seemed that every time I turned on the TV, the message was for ME. God is good! God bless you all! Lynn // January 6 2020
I'm serving time in prison and was recently healed through taking communion. I give God all the glory, Praise the Lord! My diabetes is gone! Memory issues gone! God is good! Jessica // December 27 2019
Just want to say, Huckabee and Better Together are excellent programs and I never want to miss either of them! Thank you, TBN! Opal // December 26 2019
I thank the Good Lord each day for TBN because it's made a great difference in my life as I seek a deeper walk with Him. I pray that you all have a Blessed Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year! Westley // December 20 2019
I called TBN requesting prayer for my daughter who was sick with a fever. Glory be to God, she is doing great and feeling much better. Thanks for your prayers. Praise to Jehovah-Rapha! Scott // December 9 2019
Thank you TBN, for your prayers during my son’s surgery. It went well and he’s back home healing. I give God the Glory. Thank you for praying with me whenever I call you for prayer. Mary // December 6 2019
I called TBN for prayer when I went for a biopsy for my thyroid. Praise God, the results came back benign. Your support is very much appreciated, TBN. Penny // December 5 2019
TBN, you are a vital part of my life. Whenever I spend the day with TBN, the day is awesome and the programs are like "showers of blessing" all day! Matt and Laurie are doing a fantastic job keeping the standards high. Thank you, TBN! Jan // November 19 2019
I called the TBN prayer line requesting prayer for a job and I just got a job. Thank God and thank you, TBN! Jeffrey // November 4 2019
Bless TBN. My adopted son is delivered from illegal drug use after 10 years. Father God delivered us both. Thank you Lord as my son has a hope and a future. Jer. 29:11. God had a good plan for us. We have joy and peace daily now. Avery // November 3 2019
Today is my 46th birthday and I'm here in prison on Death Row. We don't have many opportunities for visitors or to go to church so I really enjoy your programs and I pray you will continue your ministry. Thank you, TBN! Justin // October 29 2019
Thank you, TBN for not forgetting about people who are in prison. I am an inmate in AZ and have experienced so much peace and freedom thanks to my relationship with Christ. A few of us women hold a Bible study and we love and watch TBN. What a blessing! Catherine // October 8 2019
Dear TBN, I can't put a price on your Prayer Partners being there when no one else is. Thank you. Susan // October 2 2019
I want to say Thank You TBN & wonderful Prayer Partners! You've been praying along with me for my son who was in prison. He's now home safe & sound & doing really well. He loves Jesus! We give God all the glory! Praise Him forever. Thanks to you all! Kerri // September 12 2019