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A few years ago I was struggling with severe drug addiction almost to the point of death. I began watching TBN and surrendered my will to God. Watching your programs helped me realize how much God loves me and that Jesus paid it all. I am set free. Gail // July 15 2019
I’ve watched TBN for years and it has blessed me richly, especially during the dark time of grief after the death of my husband. I couldn’t have survived with out the encouraging programming. Thank you for carrying on the dream of Paul and Jan. Danise // July 13 2019
I asked TBN for prayer for a job and praise God, I started a job on July 4, 2019! The place that hired me told me they too, were praying and asked God to send the right person to fill the position. Thank you so much for praying with me, TBN. Lorraine // July 12 2019
I have been calling the TBN prayer line and praying with you for years. My prayers were answered. My son got into medical school! I thank your prayer partners for agreeing with me and declaring scripture prayers. All Glory to God, Jesus! Anonymous // July 12 2019
After many interviews and no job, I received a job offer today & I am praising & thanking Jesus for this breakthrough and the start of a new season. I love you and thank you for blessing me and my family. Thank you TBN for your prayers! Michelle // July 2 2019
Since mid May, the TBN Prayer team has stood with me and my family in prayer for my son who was hurt in a bad fall. The trachea was removed today and he’s talking, feeling better and going home in a few days! Thank you! Maxwell // July 2 2019
Praise God for healing my L hip flexor and R hamstring, and for smoothing over a communication difficulty at work. Hallelujah and thank you to the amazing TBN Prayer partners! Sharon // July 2 2019
Your TBN prayer team came in agreement with me for my son Neil’s interview on Friday. Praise and honor to God, my son got the job! Thanks TBN! Bridget // July 1 2019
I'm loving the new Better Together program - so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you so very much! Sam // July 1 2019
Thank you to the prayer partner who prayed for me and my husband when we were considering a divorce. God has stepped in & has brought us back together. It inspired us to write a book to help other military couples! Thanks TBN! Royce // June 4 2019
TBN, you are the Light that shines in this dark place and guides me out of the darkness that has bound me as I serve time in prison. Your light helps me know God's call on my life and exposes me to His freedom. Thank you! James // June 3 2019
Several times in the last few months, the TBN Prayer Partners have prayed with me for my daughter to find a job in her field. Praise God as He has blessed her with a job as a law librarian in her local county courthouse. This is truly a miracle. Cheryl // May 16 2019
My unsaved brother-in-law James, was in intensive care. A TBN prayer partner prayed with me for his healing and salvation and now he is out of intensive care, has accepted Christ as his Savior, and is no longer suffering from addiction. Thank you, TBN! Mary // May 16 2019
Praise God! After years of struggling with illness and finances, my daughter who once had no joy or hope, was just hired to work in our church. Amen, thank you! Praying for her wisdom, understanding, loyalty and knowledge in her life. Carl // May 3 2019
I called the TBN prayer line for prayer and ended up accepting Christ as my Savior. Not only did Jesus save my soul, but as a bonus, He freed me from my many years of drug addiction! Cynthia // May 2 2019
I called TBN for prayer when my car was stolen. The prayer partner prayed for restoration and for all that had been stolen to be returned. The next day, my car was found in a different city with no damage! Thank you Jesus and thank you TBN! Mariam // May 1 2019
Thank you TBN Prayer Team, for prayer for my husband and brother. Good News! My husband quit smoking and my brother is no longer depressed or having mental issues and has fully recovered! Natasha // April 2 2019
I called TBN Prayer Line to pray for my mother who was to have a CT scan on her lungs. Thank God, the results showed no cancer! Thank you Sandra and Stephanie and everyone at the Prayer Center! Praise God and Bless all of you! Brian // April 2 2019
I recently asked for prayer for a retention job here in the prison. God blessed me and I got hired and now have the opportunity to take care of myself and save money for my release. I hope to be a good worker. Charlotte // March 4 2019
I called TBN for prayer prior to having surgery for the removal of several tumors. Praise God! The surgery was a complete success! Thank you for praying, TBN! Ellen // March 1 2019
Thank you TBN prayer partners, for agreeing with me in prayer for my nephew who has been in a coma. I just wanted to let you know that shortly after we prayed, he woke up from the coma! God is faithful! Barbara // February 13 2019
I have been a TBN partner since 1983. My 7 children and 5 grandchildren have all been saved through the ministry of TBN. I am so thankful to God for all the answered prayer that I and my family have received. Thank you, TBN! Paula // February 13 2019
I want to thank TBN for just bringing the Word of Jesus into my life. You have encouraged me to keep pushing through all circumstances in my life. Dena // January 29 2019
I requested prayer for my brother-in-law regarding a doctors diagnosis that he may have cancer. His tests came back negative! No cancer! Thank you for praying for my family, TBN! Beverly // January 29 2019
I lost my husband a few months ago to Leukemia and TBN has been there for me 24/7. Thanks so much. You guys are doing a great job. Maritza // January 28 2019
TBN, you are my Life Line and a tremendous part of why I am still alive with a sound mind. Thank God for your Prayer Partners too. I always pray for you all and the Prayer Partners. Love you all. Rodney // January 17 2019
Thank you, TBN for all that you do for us in the USA Military and Veterans. Because of you we have been able to receive His Peace, Forgiveness, and Healing and the Joy of the Lord, which is found in His Presence. Luis // January 17 2019
I am an inmate at Tennessee prison for women and I watch your program daily. It is the first thing I do in the morning. Thank you for bringing God's Word to us inside prisons. It has helped me so much. Phyllis // January 17 2019
Thank you for your blessed and anointed TV programs that save people's lives by bringing them to Christ. Your 24 hour prayer hotline is also a tremendous blessing. God Bless your wonderful prayer partners. Lorene // December 4 2018
Last month TBN prayed for me concerning the cancellation of a debt that I owed. A few weeks later, I got a letter from them saying that my debt had been cancelled. Then days later, the money that I had paid to them was returned to me. Thank You, Lord. O.O. // December 3 2018