Testimonials | TBN
Thank you TBN prayer partners, for agreeing with me in prayer for my nephew who has been in a coma. I just wanted to let you know that shortly after we prayed, he woke up from the coma! God is faithful! Barbara // February 13 2019
I have been a TBN partner since 1983. My 7 children and 5 grandchildren have all been saved through the ministry of TBN. I am so thankful to God for all the answered prayer that I and my family have received. Thank you, TBN! Paula // February 13 2019
I want to thank TBN for just bringing the Word of Jesus into my life. You have encouraged me to keep pushing through all circumstances in my life. Dena // January 29 2019
I requested prayer for my brother-in-law regarding a doctors diagnosis that he may have cancer. His tests came back negative! No cancer! Thank you for praying for my family, TBN! Beverly // January 29 2019
I lost my husband a few months ago to Leukemia and TBN has been there for me 24/7. Thanks so much. You guys are doing a great job. Maritza // January 28 2019
TBN, you are my Life Line and a tremendous part of why I am still alive with a sound mind. Thank God for your Prayer Partners too. I always pray for you all and the Prayer Partners. Love you all. Rodney // January 17 2019
Thank you, TBN for all that you do for us in the USA Military and Veterans. Because of you we have been able to receive His Peace, Forgiveness, and Healing and the Joy of the Lord, which is found in His Presence. Luis // January 17 2019
I am an inmate at Tennessee prison for women and I watch your program daily. It is the first thing I do in the morning. Thank you for bringing God's Word to us inside prisons. It has helped me so much. Phyllis // January 17 2019
Thank you for your blessed and anointed TV programs that save people's lives by bringing them to Christ. Your 24 hour prayer hotline is also a tremendous blessing. God Bless your wonderful prayer partners. Lorene // December 4 2018
Last month TBN prayed for me concerning the cancellation of a debt that I owed. A few weeks later, I got a letter from them saying that my debt had been cancelled. Then days later, the money that I had paid to them was returned to me. Thank You, Lord. O.O. // December 3 2018
Five months ago, I called TBN for prayer regarding tumors that were causing internal bleeding. Well praise God, the bleeding has stopped and the tumors are gone and remain gone! Thank you Jesus and thank you, TBN! Brenda // December 3 2018
I found my little dog, thanks to all the prayer warriors who prayed with me. He was hungry but he's fine. God bless you prayer warriors in Jesus' mighty name! Sarah // October 17 2018
I called TBN prayer line for my husband who was diagnosed with a blood clot in his lungs and also suffering from kidney failure. The prayer partners prayed and said to believe the Word. Both results came back negative! Praise God! S.H. // October 15 2018
Thank you for praying for my family in North FL, during Hurricane Michael. My sister was trapped in her apt but now my family is safe and doing well. Praise God for His amazing Grace and Mercy! Robin // October 15 2018
Eighteen years ago I was diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. I had it for 10 years with no symptoms. Now I'm non-transferable, non-detectable - and my T-Cell count is over 600 and I'm healed by Jesus! Thanks, Jesus and thanks TBN! Deb // October 2 2018
I have been watching TBN for the past 40 years. The excellent programs have helped me raise our 8 children and helped my marriage. My faith has increased and your programs have helped me through the greatest challenges of my life. Thank you, TBN! Daisy // October 1 2018
Thank you Prayer Partners, for your prayer for Jeanne B! Her bladder surgery was successful & the problem was repaired! All Glory & Honor to God! God bless each of you! Thank You Jesus! Love, Beverly Beverly // September 5 2018
I had been praying for clarity on my career path and God showed me. I also needed prayer for funding of my education and I recently found out that my education will be paid for in full. I thank God and TBN prayer partners! Micheaux // August 11 2018
My little cat was very sick and I called the prayer line for prayer for him. Praise the Lord, he is much better now and on the road to recovery. Thank you! Viki // August 10 2018
Watching TBN and Hillsong has helped me draw closer to Jesus. I have been completely set free from alcohol . It's been 7 1/2 months since I've had a drink and I no longer desire alcohol. Thank You TBN for your beautiful ministries and your hearts. Rebecca // August 6 2018
I called for prayer and prayed with Vivian at TBN. I promised I would call back with a praise report. My step-daughter has called, and she is safe. God indeed answers prayer and He remains faithful to our prayers when we agree together. Rebecca // August 5 2018
I thank God for answering my prayers about my new military orders. After my first tour i made prayer request through TBN to be stationed close to family,and home and GOD granted me the orders to the exact location. God Almighty for the troops. Amen. Prince N. // August 4 2018
I called today and one of your Prayer Partners prayed for my fiancé George regarding a court hearing. The hearing went the way the prayer partner prayed and as we had agreed in Prayer. Thank You Jesus for TBN prayer partners and Mark 11:22-23. Irma // July 13 2018
Praise to God & Jesus. TBN Prayer partner Gil prayed for me an hour ago for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit & my prayer was answered. A phone call answered all my needs. Thank you TBN! Sharon // July 13 2018
Thank you for your prayers TBN. My husband was not fired from his job! Julie // July 11 2018
I asked for prayer for my grandson Tyler. He had a heatstroke and nearly died. The Dr. said it would be three months for his body to heal but Praise God, his lab report showed everything is normal. Thanks for your prayers TBN! Kathleen // July 10 2018
I called last night for prayer because my son Michael who has Addison's disease went into full blown crisis mode. After we prayed, his condition began to improve. Praise God! Thank you, TBN! Mica // June 7 2018
I’ve requested prayer every day since April for my son, as he was told that he would be out of a job soon losing his health insurance and income. On his last day of work, he was offered his previous job back. PTL! Laura // June 7 2018
A group of people who were once my enemies are now my friends after 11 months of prayer with TBN. Praise God and Thank you, TBN! Chris // June 5 2018
I can't believe how God speaks to me and how the Holy Spirit touches me through your broadcast. Even in my darkest hour while sitting in my cell, I thank God for TBN. I can feel His love behind these walls. I thank God for TBN. Jose // May 11 2018